Install Whatsapp for Nokia X – Installation Guide for Nokia X Users

Whatsapp for Nokia X – Step by Step Installation Guide :

Nokia X is one of the recently released smartphones by Nokia. The Google play store is not available in Nokia X. So in this post i will show how the Nokia X user can Install Whatsapp. The installation steps are mentioned below in the post. As the Nokia X users will be aware that it can’t be said as a proper Android smartphones. There are certain limitations due to which popular apps Whatsapp etc are not very easily available. To help you installing and configuring whatsapp for your Nokia X, i have come up with Post.

Download Whatsapp for Nokia X

How to Install Whatsapp on Nokia X :

If you are unable to find Whatsapp on your Nokia X, don’t worry, there is another simple method by which you can easily install whatsapp. You might be aware that there are various other appstore apps available. The popular one’s except google play are 1Mobile Market, Yandex etc. Follow the steps to start the process

Download Whatsapp on Nokia X smartphone

  • In Nokia X store, look for app 1mobile market
  • After it is located, install it
  • This app itself is a app market store and you can access various apps through this app
  • After it is installed, open the app
  • Now in the search box look for Whatsapp
  • See the one with the highest ratings.. and install it
  • After it is installed, run it.

Why is Installing Whatsapp on Nokia X is not as Simple as other Smartphones

Even though the Nokia X is an Android device, it does not come with the whole suite of Google Apps pre-installed, which can be a bummer for me. Thankfully, if you have root access on the device, you can easily all the Google apps on the phone without much of a hassle.

Installing the Google Apps will convert your Nokia X into an Android device like any other and even provide you with access to some core Google apps like Maps and G+. Simply follow the guides below to find out how.

Using 3rd Party App Stores to Install Whatsapp on Nokia X Smartphones :

As i discussed in the installation process that to install Apps like Whatsapp, you need to download 3rd party store apps like 1Mobile etc. After the market store app is installed, you can easily download popular apps like Whatsapp on your Nokia X smartphone.

As you can See, you can install Whatsapp on your Nokia X, but it not very straightforward method.

I hope that this post helped you. For any query or suggestion, leave the comment below.

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