Whatsapp for Windows 8 – Free Download | How to Guide

Download and Run Whatsapp for your Windows 8 PC – Step by Step Installation Guide

If you are running windows 8, here is some good news ! You can now install Whatsapp for Windows 8 also. We have included the complete procedure of downloading and installation of Whatsapp on Windows 8 PC. 

Download Whatsapp for Windows 8 Free

Whatsapp has been first in the race of social apps. Due to increasing potential and popularity of Whatsapp, Facebook decided to buy it and finally bought it for 19 billion. The popularity of whatsapp is not hidden, it is extremely easy to use and consists of various cool features. Let’s take a look at the features of Whatsapp.

Why is Whatsapp so popular ? – A look at the Features of Whatsapp  

Without any doubt, whatsapp is the most popular messaging app available on all popular platforms . It is available for Android, IOS, MAC and Windows too.

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You can easily connect to your friends if you are connected to internet via wi-fi, 3g etc. You can use whatsapp with a 2g connection but for better experience, 2g connection is recommended

  • Whatsapp is free for first year : For the very first year of Whatsapp usage, you need to pay any amount.
  • After the first year, you need to pay just 0.99$ per year
  • After whatsapp is installed, it is easily integrated with the contacts in the phone book
  • It is extremely easy to share audio,video,files etc.
  • There is a feature of group chat too. Just add your friends in the group and start chatting
  • There is no need of different internet plan, it works with normal data plan

Get Whatsapp for PC Running Windows 8 Download Free

First Step towards Installation of Whatsapp on Windows 8 :

  • The very first step is to install Bluestacks on your PC running windows 8.

Steps to Download Bluestacks on Windows 8 :

  • Download the latest package from the Official Website of Bluestacks
  • After the package is download, double click the file to start the installation
  • Make sure you are connected to internet as some files will be automatically downloaded during the installation
  • Select the appropriate options during the installation to continue
  • Grab a cup of coffee ! The installation process will take some time to complete.
  • After the completion of installation, you need to configure the app store
  • After the configuration, download Whatsapp from the Bluestacks interface
  • Go to My apps section to start using Whatsapp

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Hope this helped ! For any query or suggestion, just leave your comment below.

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